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Field Trials
2023 - 2024 Season 
held under Kennel Club Rules and Regulations


Three Field trials will be organised as follows:

23rd & 24th October




Tim Brain A3226              Steve Richardson A2849
Vicky Stanley B2482        Judith White B2823

Midland Gundog Society held their two day open on 23rd and 24th October. Very kindly judged by Tim Brain, Steve Richardson, Vicky Stanley and Judith White. The first day saw dogs working in very high bracken with a variety of retrieves including pheasant partridge and hares making for some tricky retrieves. Eleven dogs were taken through to the second day on clover fields with game strips and quite thick hedges.


Eventually just four dogs remained to be placed. A very worthy winner was Louise Adsboel Munchaus with Nettlebrae Andy of Fendawood. MGS would like to wish them both very good luck at the championships. In third place and best yellow dog was Neil Appleton with Abbeyfold Dandelion King of Applebriar. Certificate of merit and Guns Choice went to Dawn Scott with Diglake Napravnik and certificate of merit to Carol Probert with Etomanni Amber of Corsemalzie.


I would like thank the judges, guns, keeper, picker up and beaters and of course the Mgs helpers and whole support team who make these events happen.


13th November


Dave Brown A3357     Sally Richardson B3214
Lewis Butler NP            Gary Rogers NP





























Midland Gundog Society held their first Novice stake on Nov 13th. The Judges gave their time and expertise to sort 16 novice dogs over some difficult terrain and testing retrieves. Fortunately the rain held off for the duration of the trial but the wind was blowing!

Guy Radford’s team of guns were definitely up to the job and provided a steady stream of game over 3 drives. Thank you guns.

In the first drive Paul Stogden had a very good 3 dog eye wipe across the field.

6 dogs went through to the second round after some some testing partridge with just five dogs in the third round.


The final result saw Vikki Stanley take the win with Minstead Reacher, second was Chris Winfield with Diglake Jonjo of Avonford, 3rd was Helen Stevenson with Greyhill Valour, 4th was Simon Harvey with Charmpark Kelmarsh. C of M and Guns Choice was Shane Gilliver with Slingsby Black Beauty at Minerskiln.

I would like to sincerely thank judges, guns, helpers, Matt and his team of beaters and picker up and Skinners who sponsored the event. Without people giving their time and expertise none of this could happen so thank you all. Very kind.

20th November


Jayne Coley A1850                 Dawn Scott B3643
Morton Redpath NP
3740       Sue Berman NP3094



Monday 20th November saw Midland Gundog Society hold their final trial of the season. The weather was very kind and despite the forecast 16 novice dogs set off for the first drive in glorious sunshine with just a light breeze. The field were split in to odds and evens with Jayne Coley and Sue Berman judging on the right and Dawn Scott and Morton Redpath on the left.


Almost 20 birds were shot on the first drive proving a bit too much for some. The cover of young rape and a lack of scent meant that just 8 dogs went through to the second round.

After a short trip on a very smart gun bus the guns lined for the second drive. Some spectacular shooting saw about 30 birds on the floor. With a mixture of highs and lows for the handlers only 4 dogs went through to the third round.

The final retrieve was a partridge in some patchy white grass which all 4 dogs failed to find but sadly it didn’t evade the judges and trial over was called without a winner.


Guns choice was however awarded to David Thomas running Glassgreen Sky of Omachie for Mike Forbes. He took home the Heath Trophy presented by Dave Brown.


I would very much like to thank the judges for their time and expertise, Matt for all of his help and for arranging the guns and his team of beaters and helpers. Thank you so much for the trusty team of MGS helpers who are always so much help and support and Skinners who sponsor each of our trials. Also a mention to the competitors who accepted a run at the very last minute. It would have been a great shame not to have a full card. Thank you to all for a great season.

Kathy Robey
Field Trial Secretary

Clare’s Folly
Sutton Lane, Hilton
Derbyshire, DE65 5FE

Tel: 07976 804206





Field Trial Preferences

Members will receive preference in the draw. All entries made on FTMS will be checked and those entries that are down as preference 1 but are NOT on the member list will be sent ONE reminder by email that they are not on our member list or that their membership has lapsed and that they check their membership and payment details and confirm their membership. If there is no response by the time of the draw, they will automatically be changed to non-member preference (4).

Midland Gundog Society would like to thank Skinners Dog Foods for their
generous sponsorship of our events

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