Field Trials

2021 - 2022 Season
held under Kennel Club Rules and Regulations  



25th & 26th October 2021

Judges: Jamie Bettinson (A2893), David Brown (A3357), Chris Aston (B3546), Peter Abbs (B3395)
















The first day was mostly walked up through bracken with a good supply of game and fabulous views of black Fallow deer. 12 dogs were taken through to the second day. The ground on day 2 was high game cover which proved testing for dog and handler. Again the beaters and guns provided a steady supply of game for the judges. Some fabulous dog work brought forward a very worthy winner and placings.


1st & Guns Choice Idawood Heather owned, handled and bred by Francesca Prentice  

2nd  Shallowbeck Bronte owned by Denise Avery, handled by Steve Polley

3rd & best yellow lab FtCh Mitforton Nacho  owned, handled and bred by Louie Robertson

4th Sotheby’s choice of Wedgnock owned and handled by Steve Richardson





9th November 2021, Batsford Estate, Gloucestershire
by kind permission of Lord and Lady Dulverton

Judges:  Sean McGrath (A3010), Sally Richardson (B3214), Judith White (B2823), Stuart Arch (NP3793)

The first drive provided a plentiful supply of game and there were some challenging retrieves in predominately rape. The afternoon saw three dogs through to the third round and despite some good dog work, there were no places awarded.


Guns Choice was awarded to: 

Stauntonvale Margay of Rushbrigg 

owned and handled by Sam Morley-Riches












Date: Wednesday 8th December 2021

Judges:David Latham (A2299), Andy Latham, Tony O'Hare (B3642), Phil Goulden


Midland Gundog Society held their third and final trial of the season at Bitterley Lodge shoot on the 8th December. We were thrilled to have such an experienced panel of judges and indebted to them for honouring their invitation to judge which was carried over from the cancelled trial of 2020. The weather was not forecast to be kind to us – especially when the cars coming from the other direction over Clee Hill were covered in 3 inches of snow but the day proved to be cold but dry – above the knee at least!


The first and second round retrieves were mostly from a drive on sheep creep over steeply sloping, undulating ground which proved quite a challenge for some of the dogs and sadly accounted for 11 dogs. We then moved on to a walk up through game cover bordered by an open field on one side and woodland on the other. Just 4 dogs were taken through to the next drive which was in fairly dense woodland with steep banks and running brooks in the bottom. Retrieves were evenly spread between the woodland and out on to the fields nearby. By the end of this drive just 2 birds were required to finish the day. We then moved on to a drilled field were the guns provided 2 very long retrieves to determine the result.


Judges unanimously agreed the very worthy winner to be Adam Kerr running his dog Finderlie Baile An Or of Drumnamoe who was also awarded Guns Choice.

Second place went to Sandra Onens running Buffskin Edward at Kestrelway

COM to Stephen Newitt with Castelioram Caledonia at Quingrave and

COM to Neil Dutton running Rathdrinagh Arron of Drumindoney
















Kathy Robey Field Trial Secretary

Clare’s Folly,
Sutton Lane,Hilton,
Derbyshire DE65 5FE

Tel: 07976 804206



Midland Gundog Society would like to thank Skinners Dog Foods for their
generous sponsorship of our events