Working Tests for AV Retrievers


Saturday 14th May: Novice & Open
















































Midland Gundog Society ran our Novice and Open working tests at Packington Hall on May 14th by kind permission of Lord and Lady Guernsey. The beautiful and expansive grounds with its many diverse natural features gave us the scope to put on 10 tests (5 novice, 5 Open).

Chief Steward: Steve Richardson; Open Steward: Dave Brown; Novice Steward: Gary Rogers


Our Novice Judges were:

Tim Brain (A3226).           Dawn Scott (B3643)

Andy Fisher (NP)              Laura Marsh (NP3451)

Paul Truby (NP3058)


1st and winner of the Mansditch Dan Trophy: Flomoor Foxglove handled by Rachel Pugh-Lewis

Rachel also won a gold plated Acme whistle.

2nd: Lioslaith Fly High handled by Lesley Cooper -Shaw

3rd: Breckmarsh Emeric handled by Cherry Smith


Pinfeathers Excalibur handled by Callum Raywood

Klato Indri handled by David Clayton

Hectorkirk Henry handled by Laura Howe



Our Open judges were:

Sean McGrath (A3010)         Dave Field (A2257)          Derek Hill (NP)

Henrik Vilendal (A3077)        Laura Hill (A3229)


1st and winner of the Chatston Cup: Tashwarne Jasmin handled by Kim Prentice

Kim also won the Swiftlands Trophy newly presented to the club by Ellena Swift Nunneley for best lady handler and a gold plated Acme whistle.

The result of a run off for 2nd and 3rd:

2nd and winner of the Beadles Trophy: Pinfeathers Calypso handled by Nick Barker

3rd: Etomanni Commanche handled by Peter Whelan


Carltonstar Quinn of Chitterman handled by Pete Goddard

Lakedown Haslam handled by Ali Cecere

Swiftlands Briar handled by Ellena Swift Nunneley


Thanks to Acme for donating gold plated whistles for the winners of each class, to Skinners and also to Twicebrewed Twines who provided dummies for the winners and leads for all those in the awards.


This event would not have been able to go ahead without the organisation and help on the day and also in the run up to the event. To Aaron Taylor and team for your hard work in maintaining the grounds so we have a superb place to stage the event. To our judges (as above). To our Chairman, Steve Richardson , Dave Brown and Gary Rogers who were responsible for setting the tests and Stewarding the event today. To all those of you who threw/placed dummies, stewarded etc etc: Rod Anthony, Chris Warner, Ian Glover, Helena Blackett , Richard Kirkham and your children Megan and James, Amy Collins, Eleanor Harris, Pete Coloquon, Amanda Balfour, Martin H, Karen Carter, Dan Clarke, Tom Davison, Sue Crowe, Angela Hastings, Ruth Warner, Pip Wheatcroft, Sue Rogers, Cherryl Jones, Gill Clarke, Bob Seaman, Josh Doyle, Ciara Cooke


It is with many thanks to everyone who contributed to the raffle that MGS raised £224 today to donate to the chosen charity of Lord and Lady Guernsey: Zoe’s Place a local hospice that provides palliative care for babies and infants.

Congratulations to everyone involved with the day. It was hard work but most enjoyable.

Great day for Team MGS To run 97 dogs through and finish by 2pm reflects the efforts and hard work put into this day.


Sunday 26th June: Puppy, ND/NH & Veteran


                           Judges: Kate Smith (B3097)      Lisa Harris  (B3002)

                                   Stuart Arch (NP3793)   Reuben Mort (NP2977)


                      Chief Steward: Ellena Nunneley

                          Location: Home Farm, Compton Verney by kind permission of Mr & Mrs Des Wells
                                            CV35 9HJ



Saturday 20th August: All Aged Walk Up in Sugar Beet


                      Judges: Dave Brown (A3357)   Tim Brain  (A3226)

                                   Carol Probert (NP)


                     Chief Steward: Laura Hill

                          Location: Twycross by kind permission of The Wright family


All Tests 9:00am for 9.30am prompt start

Entry Fees: £10.00 members; £15.00 non-members











Entries for 2022:

Entries can be made via FTMS or by post using the entry form below. Please make cheques payable to Midland Gundog Society.





For those wishing to enter via FTMS and are new to it, the link is below. You will need to make sure you are registered and check your details and your dog's details are correct. 


FTMS (Field Trial Management System)

Please note the following links for those new to FTMS: 

Home page:



Each year the Committee will decide on a charity to support. This year proceeds for all working test raffles will be going to Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice based in Ash Green, Coventry. Zoë’s Place is an independent registered children's charity providing respite, palliative and end of life care to babies and children up to the age of six who have life-limiting and life-threatening conditions. Its services are provided free of charge for families 24-hours a day, seven days a week by specialist nurses and care assistants.


These vital services are funded largely by income generated from a wide variety of fundraising and kind donations from supporters. However, with events cancelled and incoming funds seeing a dramatic downturn since the first Covid-19 lockdown, it has meant the Zoë’s Place team have had to adapt what they do and reduce the services they have been able to provide.



PUPPY: Confined to dogs of specific breed or breeds less than eighteen months of age on the date of the test.


NOVICE DOG/NOVICE HANDLER: (unclassified) Neither Handler or Dog to have gained any award in a field trial or classified working test or won a ND/NH test


NOVICE: Confined to dogs which have not gained a place or certificate of merit at a field trial, been placed first, second or third in an Open GWT or first in a Novice GWT held in accordance with Kennel Club Rules and Field Trial Regulations.

(A 1st in a Puppy Stake or a 1st in a Novice Dog/Novice Handler is discounted for this purpose). 


OPEN: Open to all dogs although preference may be given to dogs which have gained an award or Certificate of Merit at a Field Trial, been placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th in an Open Working Test or 1st in any Test.


VETERAN (Unclassified): Open to all dogs aged EIGHT YEARS or over on the day before the Test is run


General conditions

  • All dogs must be fully vaccinated and registered with the Kennel Club breed register.

  • Bitches in season must not be brought to the ground.

  • Anyone knowing of their dog being in contact with any infectious disease should not attend the test.

  • All dogs must be kept on lead except under judges' instructions.

  • Spectators and competitors must consider themselves under the control of the judges and stewards at all times. 

  • Dogs arriving after the judging has commenced will not be allowed to run without the permission of both judges and organisers.

  • The Organisers, Midland Gundog Society and the Land Owner or their Agent, cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or accidents that occur on the day.

  • Vehicles & dogs are the responsibility of their owners.

  • Please clean up after your dog.

  • Your dog is vulnerable and AT RISK if left in a vehicle in high temperatures and even on days considered as slightly warm. PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOUR DOG. If your dog is found to be at risk, forcible entry to your vehicle may be necessary without liability for any damage caused.


Any contributions for raffle prizes will be gratefully received.




All tests are run under UK Kennel Club Field Trial rules and regulations (J Regs). 

PDF download at this link:


Judges are invited on merit and experience by the Society and will judge according to the Kennel Club J Regs.


Competitors will receive a zero if a dog fails or commits a Serious Fault (according to J Regs) in any part of a test including in a multiple exercise. It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure that they have read and understood the J Regs and the definition of Serious Faults before entering a test.


Competitors are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the Kennel Club code of conduct which specifies the sort of behaviour expected of those who take part in GWTs and Field Trials, namely:


  • Ensuring KC licensed events are friendly and welcoming

  • Being co-operative and above all creating a safe environment for all to enjoy their sport

  • Behaving in an appropriate fashion, showing good manners and respect towards others, including the host, competitors, officials and judges

  • Not impugning the decision of the Judges or criticising the host, ground or helpers


Please note:


  • Any verbal communication with a judge should take place after judging has taken place and must be conducted in a polite and professional manner.

  • Abusive or aggressive behaviour towards anyone - including judges, other competitors, organisers will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

  • Mobile phones should be turned off or on silent during the Test.

  • Any complaints should be logged in the KC Incident book which can be requested from either the Chief Steward or WT Secretary.

  • It is important that competitors should stay until the presentations at the end of the Test in order to thank the hosts properly for allowing use of their ground, and also to thank the helpers, judges and club officials for giving up their day.




  • Most of the judges, helpers, committee members and officers currently run dogs and are missing the opportunity to compete, in order to organise and help for your benefit.

  • Please volunteer to help at Tests so that others have the opportunity to compete with their own dogs. You will learn a lot by helping Tests and Field Trials.



Thank you