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Working Tests for AV Retrievers



Saturday April 20th at Packington


MGS kicked off the test season with the Open test on Sat 20th April. What a day for it. After what seems an age of rain, we were blessed with sunshine, albeit a cold wind. On top of the good weather, to have the privilege to be able to spend a day like this at Packington Estate is a cause to give huge thanks to Lord and Lady Guernsey who so generously allow MGS to use these fabulous grounds.


MGS Chairman Steve Richardson Chief Stewarded the event and set five tests which included a mark and blind with a fallen tree en route to the blind; a short and long double mark; a mark across a pond; and a walk up with a mark and a blind. In fact the only thing that was missing was a drive so watch this space for next year!!!

Thanks to all of you who gave your time and expertise in judging for us: Dave Brown, Brian Chesser, Ellena Nunneley, Steve Le Voi; and Stuart Arch who stepped in at last minute.























Results as follows:

1st Lakedown Haslam owned & handled by Ali Cecere
Ali was awarded the Chatston Cup for the winner and also the Swiftlands Trophy for best lady handler

A run off for 2nd and 3rd place resulted in:

2nd Kilpen Nightcap of Waterford owned & handled by Jayne Coley

Jayne was awarded the Beadles Cup for Runner up

3rd Laggengill Dawn of Blackgrass owned & handled by Leigh Jackson

4th Stauntonvale Shelley owned & handled by Pip Wheatcroft

COM Mekoro Shot Marker of Waterford owned & handled by Jayne Coley

COM Tempurong Thrill of it All owned & handled by Vanessa King

Sunday May 26th at Home Farm, Compton Verney

Puppy, ND/NH, Veteran

Chief Steward: Ellena Nunnelely


Judges:   Kate Smith B3097       Laura Marsh B3451

               Norman Onens NP      Craig Jackson NP4087

MGS held our Puppy, ND-NH and Veteran Tests at Home Farm, Compton Verney by kind permission of Des and Rosemary Wells. We really are so fortunate and so very grateful to be able to use the grounds here that combine lake, parkland, woods, streams. We were lucky with the weather that held out for us nearly until the end and then there was an almighty deluge.


Huge thanks to Ellena Nunneley who Chief Stewarded the event and along with Kate Smith, set the tests over a number of visits to the grounds. Thanks to our judges - Kate Smith, Laura Marsh, Norman Onens and Craig Jackson. Thanks to all our helpers - Sue Poole, Paul Watson, Henry Carney, Rod Balfour, Ben Eshelby, Helen Durno, Andi Whitwham, Jez Harris, Chrissie Thornton, George Davies, George Hodgson, Karen Carter and Cherryl Jones 


Results as follows:



1st and winner of the Stauntonvale Cup and Midland Puppy Shield - Stauntonvale Iced Bun  Laura Hill

2nd - Mynydddu Robey  Kathy Robey

3rd - Diglake Constance  Annabelle Dodd



1st and Winner of the Midland Gundog Society Trophy

Lynedance Belladonna  Tom Cantwell

2nd - Rupert Bear  Radana Hlinikova

3rd - Kenzduo Calm Before Storm Pat James 

4th - Gallowridge Blackthorn of Khaki Feather  Sammy Elliott

COM - Swiftlands Sniffa  Robert Swift

COM - Skyshot Goldfinch  Sara Brown



1st and winner of The Truebeck Nanna Trophy

Geordieland Tilly Ruth Warner

2nd - Turpingreen Acuna of Corsemalzie Carol Probert

3rd - Swiftlands Dora Austin Nunneley 


Whether you were Judging, Helping or Competing - huge thanks to you all for supporting MGS events. 

Thanks as always to Skinners dog foods for sponsoring MGS events and also to Twicebrewed Twines who supplied us with leads for the winners. 

Due to the immense amount of rain and hail that fell at the end we were unable to take group photos of the award winners as we would normally do so.

Saturday June 8th at Packington


Chief Steward: Dave Brown

Judges:   Helen Goodwin A3595      Dorothy Walls-Duffin B2457

               Kevin Turner NP3939        Doug Ingall NP3865

               Jackie Martin NP  


Today MGS ran our Novice working test at Packington Estate. We really are hugely grateful to Lord and Lady Guernsey for allowing us to run events on these superb grounds. And also a special thanks to Aaron Taylor and all those who do so much work on the estate so we have such fantastic grounds to run events on.

I want to give a special thanks also to Dave Brown who Chief Stewarded the event and set all the tests with the help of Ian Glover. 

Test 1 which was a double mark was judged by Doug Ingall

Test 2 judged by Helen Goodwin and Jackie Martin was a two dog walk up with a mark and a blind 

Test 3 was a mark and a blind in a wooded area and was judged by Kevin Turner

Test 4 was a water test utilising the river not too far from the main house and was judged by Dorothy Walls-Duffin


Results as follows:

1st and winner of the Mansditch Dan Trophy 
Hepthorne Oak  Gerry Price

2nd - Forest Hill Breeze Rufus Ulyet

3rd - Hollowgate Sunset Gerry Price

4th - Klato Jasmine of Banksglen Sharon Kitson

COM - Littlecopse Pat's Pride Pat Dixon

COM - Lurgen Ace of Gallifield Dave Gallimore

COM - Zandawn's Falls Gill Smith

Thanks to all competitors for supporting MGS with your entry. It was lovely to see so many of you - some of you have judged for us, some have helped at our events, some of your are officers at other clubs, so many of you are friends... we hope that you all had a great day!


Thanks to our sponsors: Skinners who sponsor all MGS events and to Twicebrewed Twines who provided leads for award winners. 


As always - great appreciation for all our helpers. I feel the word 'helper' doesn't quite hit the spot. You are all so much more than that. Great camaraderie - great vibe - Thanks so much guys, you really are the driving force behind days like this:

Ian Glover, Paul Watson, Karen McCarthy, Rob Lawson, Shane Gilliver, Donna Hipkiss, Julia Deeming, Sharon Watson, Carl Hassell, Simone Barratt, Sarah Tandy, Dave Prescott, Jan Blair, Marie Bailey, Stacy Sayers, Stuart Arch.


The work that goes on behind the scenes to run these events is huge (I shan't bore you with how many hours are spent in the week before an event!!!). Not all of us can commit the time to running the show or helping for the day. But everyone can put a little bit in. If we take out then we should all be putting back in. 


A few examples: why not offer to bake a cake or something nice for judges and helpers and bring with you on the day, or why not offer to stay behind and help pack up or offer to check round the test areas for rubbish, bring raffle prizes to generate clubs funds so clubs can put more money into events for everyone... etc etc... just a few ideas. 

If we all join together to help in whatever way we can, then rather than leaving a large amount of work to a few, let's share the workload and make it lighter for those who are running the show.

Sunday August 11th near Twycross

All Aged Test on FT Lines in Sugar Beet (24 dogs)

combined with Judges Training Day

Chief Steward: Laura Hill

Judges:  Steve Richardson A2849   Laura Hill A3229

                   Vanessa King B3609      4.TBC


All Tests 9:00am for 9.30am prompt start

Entry Fees: £10.00 members; £15.00 non-members







Entries can be made via FTMS or by post using the entry form below. Please make cheques payable to Midland Gundog Society.






For those wishing to enter via FTMS and are new to it, the link is below. You will need to make sure you are registered and check your details and your dog's details are correct. 


FTMS (Field Trial Management System)

Please note the following links for those new to FTMS: 

Home page:



This year the proceeds of the raffle will be donated to a charity chosen at the end of the test season



PUPPY: Confined to dogs of specific breed or breeds less than eighteen months of age on the date of the test.


NOVICE DOG/NOVICE HANDLER: (unclassified) Neither Handler or Dog to have gained any award in a field trial or classified working test or won a ND/NH test


NOVICE: Confined to dogs which have not gained a place or certificate of merit at a field trial, been placed first, second or third in an Open GWT or first in a Novice GWT held in accordance with Kennel Club Rules and Field Trial Regulations.

(A 1st in a Puppy Stake or a 1st in a Novice Dog/Novice Handler is discounted for this purpose). 


OPEN: Open to all dogs although preference may be given to dogs which have gained an award or Certificate of Merit at a Field Trial, been placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th in an Open GWT or won a Novice GWT held in accordance with KC rules and FT regulations.


VETERAN (Unclassified): Open to all dogs aged EIGHT YEARS or over on the day before the Test is run


General conditions

  • All dogs must be fully vaccinated and registered with the Kennel Club breed register.

  • Bitches in season must not be brought to the ground.

  • Anyone knowing of their dog being in contact with any infectious disease should not attend the test.

  • All dogs must be kept on lead except under judges' instructions.

  • Spectators and competitors must consider themselves under the control of the judges and stewards at all times. 

  • Dogs arriving after the judging has commenced will not be allowed to run without the permission of both judges and organisers.

  • The Organisers, Midland Gundog Society and the Land Owner or their Agent, cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or accidents that occur on the day.

  • Vehicles & dogs are the responsibility of their owners.

  • Please clean up after your dog.

  • Your dog is vulnerable and AT RISK if left in a vehicle in high temperatures and even on days considered as slightly warm. PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOUR DOG. If your dog is found to be at risk, forcible entry to your vehicle may be necessary without liability for any damage caused.


Any contributions for raffle prizes will be gratefully received.




All tests are run under UK Kennel Club Field Trial rules and regulations (J Regs). 

PDF download at this link:


Judges are invited on merit and experience by the Society and will judge according to the Kennel Club J Regs.


Competitors will receive a zero if a dog fails or commits a Serious Fault (according to J Regs) in any part of a test including in a multiple exercise. It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure that they have read and understood the J Regs and the definition of Serious Faults before entering a test.


Competitors are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the Kennel Club code of conduct which specifies the sort of behaviour expected of those who take part in GWTs and Field Trials, namely:


  • Ensuring KC licensed events are friendly and welcoming

  • Being co-operative and above all creating a safe environment for all to enjoy their sport

  • Behaving in an appropriate fashion, showing good manners and respect towards others, including the host, competitors, officials and judges

  • Not impugning the decision of the Judges or criticising the host, ground or helpers


Please note:


  • Any verbal communication with a judge should take place after judging has taken place and must be conducted in a polite and professional manner.

  • Abusive or aggressive behaviour towards anyone - including judges, other competitors, organisers will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

  • Mobile phones should be turned off or on silent during the Test.

  • Any complaints should be logged in the KC Incident book which can be requested from either the Chief Steward or WT Secretary.

  • It is important that competitors should stay until the presentations at the end of the Test in order to thank the hosts properly for allowing use of their ground, and also to thank the helpers, judges and club officials for giving up their day.




  • Most of the judges, helpers, committee members and officers currently run dogs and are missing the opportunity to compete, in order to organise and help for your benefit.

  • Please volunteer to help at Tests so that others have the opportunity to compete with their own dogs. You will learn a lot by helping Tests and Field Trials.



Thank you

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